November 20, 2012 Michelle Garber

A Day In The Life At An Austin PPC Management Company

Since so many people ask, “how was your day?” or “how was your week in business?” I thought I would detail what is becoming increasingly common at our Austin PPC Management Company (MarketizeIt). I was closing my laptop late last night when I thought of a great post to share with you guys. A potential customer who I had been speaking with and prospecting for some time asked me to put four or five bullet points in an email to describe why he should use our services as opposed to just doing the pay per click himself. Even though this seemed a rather remedial task, I thought that it really allowed me to address what is going on in the online marketing world today. So, here is the question that I will be answering throughout this post and if you offer pay per click management services or if you are someone seeking them, please consider the following: Why spend money with a ppc management firm when you can do it yourself?

– Time

If time is truly money then the best answer to the proposed question is time itself. When Ed asked me why should he use our services, I thought to myself that Ed probably knows how to change the oil in his car yet he still goes to the Jiffy Lube down the street anyways because he does not want to go the auto store and get the filter, oil, and other parts and then have to do it himself even though he could. Furthermore, I have spoken to Ed on several occasions and at no point has he ever given me the confidence that he could actually carry out pay per click advertising services on his own. He was unaware of google analytics and how it was able to help him and his business. He had never heard of or considered mobile traffic for the products he was selling. His website was outdated and he did not strike me as a guy who was going to open up his own adwords account and go to town with loads of targeted traffic to his site. Ed, I am here to help you save TIME!

– Money

Oh ya, the other one is money. If it is time then it has to be money as well. Pay per click marketing, especially google adwords, is a mess! I have been honing my skills for the past 4 years and evertime I feel good about myself, google announces 10 new ppc products. They are constantly rolling out new items and strategies and if you are new to the idea of pay per click ppc management, BEWARE! If you want to do pay per click yourself, you need to quit your job for at least 6 months, find a cave with wifi, bring your laptop, create an adwords account and get cracking. You will also need thousands of dollars to “experiment” with so you can cut your teeth and figure out exactly what works and what does not. Most importantly, what does not work and identifying the root causes and to never repeat those costly mistakes.

Thank God I own a ppc management company in Austin Texas, where you have to be good or you will starve. If knowledge is truly power, then knowing about highly targeted traffic via pay per click advertising is dangerous stuff (in the very best way) for the growth of any business. When it comes to a local ppc management company vs. the “newbie” just know that it is all about saving the time and the money.

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Michelle Garber Michelle Garber (Flagstad) started out her career online doing .NET web development for the State of Missouri. After working on a variety of payment solutions and grants application development, she decided to move into the private sector. After a couple years of business analysis at DST, Inc. she started working freelance helping those in the financial services verticals with their landing pages and conversion rates. Since joining MarketizeIt as a partner, Michelle has worked on a variety of projects to help increase web quality, PPC conversion rates, web A/B testing, internal lead portal systems, SEO structuring, and a million other things to help the clients of MarketizeIt.

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