Have No Fear Your Search For A Top Ranked SEO Company Is Here

Previous conversations with clients have prompted me to inform my readers about the makeup of a top ranked seo company. Often times prospects or clients are asking me what being the best SEO company really entails. They want to know immediately and once I start explaining I think they actually get tired, disinterested, bored or a combination of all three. The fact is that SEO services are not near as complicated as people suspect, but the overall performance of certain seo tactics can grow quite tiresome. In short, SEO is white collar ditch digging.

One of the more recent analogies for describing how SEO works comes from the music industry. Since MarketizeIt is an Austin based pay per click and SEO firm, I thought it would be appropriate to break out the music analogies. A lot of folks that are not musicians think what they hear on records or the radio are simply a function of some famous producer pushing a button that involves perfect pitch, tone and reverb to deliver hit singles. The truth of the matter is that any great recording involves a simple recipe. A great song (chords, notes, progressions, melody) plus a great performance (emotion, feel) plus great gear (pro tools, microphones, amps, guitars, producer with know how) equals a great sounding song or record. And so goes the same establishing a process within top rated seo companies.

The recipe for success or “the process” marries the immovable object (incoming links also called back links) with the unstoppable force (content). Now, I need to simplify because if you are lost already, I want you to know for sure that it is ok to be lost since I did not get it for the longest time either and this is the business I am in! Everyone is a publisher these days or at least has the immediate capability of being one. Anyone, anywhere can have a quick cheap blog or site built, or sign up for google plus, create a facebook page, youtube channel, or belong to pinterest. There are thousands more options just like those where humans can go and publish their words, images or videos (i.e. publish their unique intellectual property or content) to the web. Think of it in terms like that and you now know what I mean by content. And in the SEO world, 100% original unique and valuable content is king.

Secondly, you must find incoming links. The best seo companies and agencies know this like the back of their hand. This simply involves other sites out in “the wilderness” recommending or pointing to or establishing your website as an authority figure on the internet. When an ehow or a wikipedia involves or references your site in any way and links back to it, you have accomplished something great. Of course ehow or about.com or wiki are major sites that have an unreal amount of visitors and incoming links themselves, so getting incoming links from those specific sites will be difficult, but there are thousands of other sites that have authority and credibility and can reference your site if you in fact provide value in your market place.

When you have unique valuable content and a platform to launch that content from, you can be dangerous when it comes to search engine optimization  practices. If you are able to provide incoming links to your sites from other sites/blogs which are located on different servers than your own web properties. Make sure you find a way to point those incoming links to your home pages as well as pages deep within your site (unique urls on your domain) to be most effective.

This is SEO 101 and if you or your company needs help getting started or forming a plan that will get you ranked high in the SERPS, we encourage you to call MarketizeIt out of Austin. Local SEO companies are all over and most will not guarantee their work or results so beware of them because we will!



Pay Per Click Services: You Won’t Know Until You Try

The word has gotten out by now that pay per click services can be among the most effective forms of marketing. And when it comes to marketing, nothing is ever a sure thing. Now I know that most marketers will argue that point as if they can control every situation and wave the magic wand to get a return on investment for their clients. The simple truth is that sometimes when we use certain channels, it may not work. When I sit down with clients and they ask me “will this work?” I think they are astonished when I say the dreaded words, “I don’t know.” Of course, that only happens every so often, but the fact that I feel as though I have to say it to project brutal honesty can be alarming to some folks. Thank goodness for trying, testing and tracking which I assure all clients is a thing of beauty.

When ppc marketers are obsessed with marketing, messages, placements, timing. colors, catchiness, rankings we can very quickly forget about the person browsing, shopping or flat out looking to make a purchase. We often forget that the target we think will show up for say cosmetic surgery has absolutely no relation to the person looking for information technology services. Whether it is B2B or B2C, each rotating variable matters immensely. And because so much is going on, leave it to the humans to get lost the minutia and lose focus and clarity. The marketer may have done everything correctly right up until the targeted person got exactly where he or she was supposed to be only to get distracted, turned off, or poorly presented to at the last moment.

The beauty of pay per click services if they are performed by experienced ppc companies, is that you can know very quickly if something is working or not. When shoppers and browsers do a google search for goods or services, you can be right there waiting for them at the end of that search; and it only costs the marketer when that person clicks on the ad which brings them to a relevant site or landing page. Now, there is no doubt that if you are working off of a shoestring budget that you must use caution as those click costs can get out of control in a hurry, but there are definitely ways to guard against losing your rear end. Make sure you find a top pay per click consulting firm to save you from those costly mistakes.

In marketing of any kind, the marketer is almost sworn to secrecy about the chances of a campaign not working. The person selling these marketing services livelihood is at stake, so to even project doubt would be considered unprofessional. Make no mistake that when it comes to top local pay per click services, sometimes it will not work for a variety of reasons. Don’t let them sell you blindly, instead do your homework and make sure your competitors are spending money on those ppc ads to confirm your marketing journey moving forward.

Why Finding The Best Local PPC Company Can Mean Everything

Food comas and left overs are plentiful today, so I thought I would discuss why I think finding the best local ppc company can mean everything for your business. Since Thanksgiving kicks off the holidays and Black Friday is here, travel plans are being made, business is slowing down and the year is coming to an end. The best part about the year, and I don’t think it’s an accident, is that we can spend time both looking back and looking forward. Several businesses can take time out to reflect on what went right and what needs to be corrected in 2013. It runs in cycles just like the seasons, and it is what helps bring a renewed sense of who we have become and where we are trying to go.

For those looking to try new strategies in growing their leads, prospects and overall business I have to suggest you find a local pay per click advertising company. A top local ppc consulting company will truly understand your business and target your customers. The truth is that the days of cold calling can be over if you want them to be. Some companies will deny it and choose to live in the past.  They will hire salesman simply to make cold calls, or put ads in the yellow pages to drum up business and sales. Remember, the internet is now officially up and running, open for your business. Small towns and big cities have plenty of people searching from their laptops, tablet and mobile devices and if they are searching that most likely means they are looking to buy.

For those who don’t know, pay per click consulting companies help to get you visibility by showing up (google, bing, yahoo) when potential customers do a search for the product or service you provide. They are searching for you, and by using pay per click marketing correctly, you can bring them into your sales funnel….for good!

Now a good local ppc firm should assist you with an email autoresponder, attractive landing pages and or websites, mobile sites and possible SEO services, but the bottom line is that they make sure targeted traffic is coming your direction. Eventually leads and call ins start to occur and your sales staff is no longer disgruntled with frustrating cold calls. Now, I keep mentioning local ppc management companies because the idea of going local means a higher chance at transparency. You will want to have as much clarity and transparency as possible so you can determine exactly where your ad spend is going how strong your return on investment is.

Finding a top local ppc consulting company can mean the difference for the new year. Find trust and transparency with a local ppc marketing firm that gives you full reporting and full access to your ad spend. Know exactly where your marketing dollars are going, and save the morale of your sales force by eliminating the cold calling process once and for all. We wish you the best for the New Year!

Pay Per Click Management Services Startup Guide Post #1

I can remember the days of of desperately seeking guidance from almost any pay per click management services company that would listen to my struggles. I had been selling lead generation and the idea of pay per click ppc marketing as well as SEO for a few years and realized it was time to step out and try it on my own. I clearly remember not sleeping and feeling worried all the time. I asked myself repeatedly “Ryan, you IDIOT! Why would you leave a good paying sales job, only to have to struggle.”

I must warn you first off that I can’t take these real things that happen in life and not attempt to make them into slightly larger things! I am simply incapable of going the other way on certain perspectives and reflections especially when I see a window that I can use to help encourage others. The answer to the question I am asking has a simple answer with several layers. You CAN’T stay comfortable and get the absolute most out of yourself. You can tell yourself you will or that you did, but really, based on sheer human nature, we have to be backed into a corner with absolutely no other place to go, and only then does human will become optimal. Ok, so back to pay per click advertising.

That fear, worry and concern for my financial well being is what allowed me to question, read, and call on every marketing source I could get my hands on. I started with PPC For Dummies and read it on a flight. I have to admit, I almost gave up right then and there because of how meaty and over the top the book was. I thought, after a few years of honing my ppc skills that I could actually do a better job in a small series of blog posts.

For those thinking about using a top pay per click company, make sure you trust them and that they seem reasonable. If you are working with a company with a decent marketing budget, it may be well worth your time to save the headaches of figuring it out and just pay a reasonable ppc management fee. For those of you who can’t afford them and want to try it on your own, I want to help you especially get along in your quest. Here are a few basic guidelines that can get you started:

1. Start with an “all features” Search network campaign only. You will see this option when you go to create your first campaign.

2. Exclude mobile phones from the devices section of settings so that your search ads will only appear on desktop and tabs.

3. Choose the geography of where you want your ads to show and then choose manual cpc bidding.

4. Set your original budget low under pre-payment options so that you don’t lose your butt!

In the beginning, don’t do what everyone else does which is to freak out over all the features and options google throws at its first time virgin advertisers. The goal here is specificity and relevancy. In code, this means that our 1 true goal is to choose 1 exact match keyword, make a specific/relevant ad associated with that 1 keyword and have the ad linked/destined to a specific/relevant landing page associated with that 1 keyword and ad. In a perfect world you would grow your campaign by adding hundreds or thousands of exact match keywords that have their own individual ads and landing pages or website pages deep within your domain.

There will be plenty more elaborations on this series that I am conducting, so stay tuned for my pay per click management services startup guide post #2.



A Day In The Life At An Austin PPC Management Company

Since so many people ask, “how was your day?” or “how was your week in business?” I thought I would detail what is becoming increasingly common at our Austin PPC Management Company (MarketizeIt). I was closing my laptop late last night when I thought of a great post to share with you guys. A potential customer who I had been speaking with and prospecting for some time asked me to put four or five bullet points in an email to describe why he should use our services as opposed to just doing the pay per click himself. Even though this seemed a rather remedial task, I thought that it really allowed me to address what is going on in the online marketing world today. So, here is the question that I will be answering throughout this post and if you offer pay per click management services or if you are someone seeking them, please consider the following: Why spend money with a ppc management firm when you can do it yourself?

– Time

If time is truly money then the best answer to the proposed question is time itself. When Ed asked me why should he use our services, I thought to myself that Ed probably knows how to change the oil in his car yet he still goes to the Jiffy Lube down the street anyways because he does not want to go the auto store and get the filter, oil, and other parts and then have to do it himself even though he could. Furthermore, I have spoken to Ed on several occasions and at no point has he ever given me the confidence that he could actually carry out pay per click advertising services on his own. He was unaware of google analytics and how it was able to help him and his business. He had never heard of or considered mobile traffic for the products he was selling. His website was outdated and he did not strike me as a guy who was going to open up his own adwords account and go to town with loads of targeted traffic to his site. Ed, I am here to help you save TIME!

– Money

Oh ya, the other one is money. If it is time then it has to be money as well. Pay per click marketing, especially google adwords, is a mess! I have been honing my skills for the past 4 years and evertime I feel good about myself, google announces 10 new ppc products. They are constantly rolling out new items and strategies and if you are new to the idea of pay per click ppc management, BEWARE! If you want to do pay per click yourself, you need to quit your job for at least 6 months, find a cave with wifi, bring your laptop, create an adwords account and get cracking. You will also need thousands of dollars to “experiment” with so you can cut your teeth and figure out exactly what works and what does not. Most importantly, what does not work and identifying the root causes and to never repeat those costly mistakes.

Thank God I own a ppc management company in Austin Texas, where you have to be good or you will starve. If knowledge is truly power, then knowing about highly targeted traffic via pay per click advertising is dangerous stuff (in the very best way) for the growth of any business. When it comes to a local ppc management company vs. the “newbie” just know that it is all about saving the time and the money.


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