Finding The Right Internet Marketing Company

There are tons of options when confronted with the daunting task of finding the right internet marketing companies. So many factors end up determining whether you chose right or got badly burned. Trust, chemistry, talent, size of the company, and past experience are all such factors one may want to fully understand before doing business with any Austin internet marketing company.

Also, you might want to inquire about their overall capabilities as an internet marketing firm or internet marketing agency. Do they do one thing well such as build websites or manage email lists? Or even better, are they able to perform several tasks well like enhance web landing pages, manage large email lists, be a search engine optimization company, perform pay per click advertising using google, yahoo, bing, and or facebook, and manage the ever growing landscape of social media?

Just like basic business 101 studies teach us, bulk buying is where you can save money. If you can find a one stop shop online marketing agency that does it all and is able to save you money from 10 different internet marketing firms that charge an arm and a leg just to perform one thing well, then this is a no brainer! Just make sure, if you decide to go with a one stop shop, that the expectations are clear as day in the tasks they said they could perform as well as in the timeline they communicated it in.

Watch this video to make a more informed decision:


Hopefully your path to finding the right internet marketing company is a smooth one!


Integrate Your Online Marketing Strategy


Companies today know they need to be everywhere – social, PPC, online, mobile, blogging – but without strict planning, they fall into the dreaded fragmentation pit.

New marketing channels open up everyday, from apps to facebook posts to twitter updates to YouTube channels and more. The way we slam the populace with message after message is growing exponentially; in face, more than the public can handle. As a result, attention spans are becoming increasingly fragmented. Instead of hoping your message will reach 1 out of 5, fragmentation reduces your message to just another blip on the screen…forgotten.

Even sales channels are fragmenting beyond the online versus bricks and mortar that we’ve gotten used to. Desktop and laptop purchases are starting to lag behind the smartphone – at a time when most companies don’t even have an mobile website. What starts to happen? Even a once healthy marketing budget can be shredded by fragmentation.

The good news is that there is an impressive way to overcome fragmentation: integration. Beware: it’s more difficult than it appears.

Integration is not simply putting a common tagline onto all your ads and copy, using a similar color palette, or using the same message across all mediums (a great website doesn’t necessarily translate into a great landing page or trade show display).

Integration means communicating a consistent identity from message to message, medium to medium. Then delivering consistently on that identity. It requires a unifying strategy, a compelling voice, a powerful brand identification, and strong discipline to put it into every aspect of your company – from advertising to sales to customer relationships.

To fight fragmentation, everything you do to attract, convert, retain, engage, and remarket to your customers has to be integrated. Your brand has to go beyond your marketing plan into your call center, sales team, customer service – even your corporate structure.

Deliver consistent signals in everything you do.

So why aren’t more companies focusing on integration? It’s not for lack of understanding or intent. It’s a lack of strategy, perseverance, and patience.

Integration takes time.

It also takes time to work in the marketplace. Consumers just don’t pay attention the way they used to. You need to make it count.

Maybe now is the time to work with a company that can help you integrate your fragmented marketing structure. MarketizeIt can help.

Find The Right Internet Marketing Company

There are so many facets to internet marketing companies that is still difficult to understand their underlying purpose. From website design and web programming to increased mobile device use, back to search engine optimization and pay per click management to email remarketing to wait a minute. Time out already! Where am I? I think you might get the point that there is a ton of content and that is why people need to be informed with what really goes on with internet marketing firms and internet marketing agencies.

All this and I haven’t even mentioned the exponential growth patterns and potential of video marketing. We are still way early on that upward trend even though there is data that states 1 hour of video is being uploaded every minute of every day. Yes, try and wrap your head around that one.

The disguise with internet marketing consulting starts and ends with how deep and wide each marketing channel or as I like to say, canyon, is drilled to the core. I can tell you from first hand experience that email marketing alone is more complex, if you want to have your best chances of a reasonable ROI, than most people (marketers) would like to admit. Video marketing has its own sun and I think like 12 planets! Pay per click management takes years to master and I think PPC is where we get the 10,000 hours principle from. Just blogging alone has its trickery and if you are not doing it right, just like any other form of marketing, then you are going to be really sore in the morning! Oh and your business might fall flat on its face.

On a side note, do you ever go through periods of your life where there is a resounding word or phrase that comes to the front of your mind over and over again without any fair warning at all? Well I do, and the word for me is head space. Let me say it again, head space. If you are an artist then I want you to come up with an image for this word. If you are a musician, I beg you to write a song about head space. As it relates to online marketing for small business or businesses of any size, head space is the key. Our economy and marketplace has made serious room for internet marketing agencies because in order for you, the business owner, to sell enough bikes, clothes, cars or provide landscape services, legal advice, or insurance to your customers, then it’s imperative you operate within your head space. You do what you do best and let others come in and provide you with the services they do best.

Now, the only thing you have to worry about is finding an honest, affordable internet marketing firm! If you look hard enough, you will find one. Just think head space.

MarketizeIt – Local Business

I speak with a lot of business owners who get tied up in the semantics of internet marketing companies versus an internet marketing firm. Truth be told, I am an owner of an internet marketing firm and I still get confused sometimes. I mean for every 3 days out of the week I feel good about our company’s direction, the other 4 days I am dislodging quotes from Dumb and Dumber and screaming out loud,

“I mean, what the hell are we doing here, Harry.” I know this may not be the best vote of confidence for any potential customers, but I thought it might be good to shed light on an industry worth defining – for your ears and mine. So what are we doing here?

In short, internet marketing is NOT about belief systems, debates, opinion polls, technology, sales, skill, knowledge or anything of this sort. Like any other successful business, the purpose of all fruitful internet marketing firms lies in the down and dirty bottom line, and for all of us “techies” this simply means conversions.

Conversions happen across several plains but it’s simply when a potential customer fills out a form online, or gives an email so we can put them in your sales funnel, or clicks a button that calls into your call center, or even walks into your brick and mortar place of business. Conversions for an internet marketing company can occur in a lot of different forms, but where the disconnect occurs between YOU and any internet marketing firm you work with, is in the definititon of what conversions mean to YOU.

An internet marketing company knows they can get conversions by using search engine optimization tactics that get you on the first page of google, but if the site does not look good or the phone number goes to a terrible sales or customer service person, then the marketing conversion means nothing if it doesn’t mean conversion (sales/revenue) for you, the customer. There are 3 ways that can almost instantly get conversions as in sales or revenue:

1. Pay per click marketing – You pay for the click or visitor to your website, you capture and convert those leads to sales.

2. SEO – You pay for the time, effort, writing, videos and updated content to your site or blog while incoming links campaigns are meant to raise your organic listings in the SERP’s.

3. Website design company/website enhancements – Vidal Sasoon (if you don’t look good, we don’t look good) If internet marketing companies don’t get conversions then you don’t get conversions.

This is a great start to jump starting your online business or online presence.


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