June 27, 2012 Michelle Garber

Finding The Right Internet Marketing Company

There are tons of options when confronted with the daunting task of finding the right internet marketing companies. So many factors end up determining whether you chose right or got badly burned. Trust, chemistry, talent, size of the company, and past experience are all such factors one may want to fully understand before doing business with any Austin internet marketing company.

Also, you might want to inquire about their overall capabilities as an internet marketing firm or internet marketing agency. Do they do one thing well such as build websites or manage email lists? Or even better, are they able to perform several tasks well like enhance web landing pages, manage large email lists, be a search engine optimization company, perform pay per click advertising using google, yahoo, bing, and or facebook, and manage the ever growing landscape of social media?

Just like basic business 101 studies teach us, bulk buying is where you can save money. If you can find a one stop shop online marketing agency that does it all and is able to save you money from 10 different internet marketing firms that charge an arm and a leg just to perform one thing well, then this is a no brainer! Just make sure, if you decide to go with a one stop shop, that the expectations are clear as day in the tasks they said they could perform as well as in the timeline they communicated it in.

Watch this video to make a more informed decision:



Hopefully your path to finding the right internet marketing company is a smooth one!


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Michelle Garber Michelle Garber (Flagstad) started out her career online doing .NET web development for the State of Missouri. After working on a variety of payment solutions and grants application development, she decided to move into the private sector. After a couple years of business analysis at DST, Inc. she started working freelance helping those in the financial services verticals with their landing pages and conversion rates. Since joining MarketizeIt as a partner, Michelle has worked on a variety of projects to help increase web quality, PPC conversion rates, web A/B testing, internal lead portal systems, SEO structuring, and a million other things to help the clients of MarketizeIt.

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