April 17, 2013 Michelle Garber

Google AdWords: Enhanced Campaigns & Mobile

If you’re running any campaigns in Google AdWords, you’ve either already switched to the new enhanced campaign feature or you will be required to in the near future (mid-2013). People are either very excited about the new features or downplaying it since some people hate change – and there’s nothing like AdWords to keep you on your toes at all times.

Enhanced campaigns have three main features:

  • Greater campaign and budget management
  • Ads based on delivery context
  • New conversion types

We’ve converted about half of our accounts to enhanced, but by far the biggest challenge for us is the inability to set an exclusive mobile campaign setting. Google’s reasoning behind the removal of a mobile setting was the growing realization that we live in a constantly connected world. They believe that “advertisers need to be present and relevant across the growing number and wide range of devices”. (source) In fact, they went so far as to visually show us their reasoning:


There’s some pretty good business reasoning behind this when we look at our own campaign metrics across various industry accounts at MarketizeIt. Three out of four mobile searches trigger follow-up actions, whether it’s further research, an in-store visit, a phone call or a purchase/lead.

So, how should you approach your mobile strategy?

  1. Review your overall mobile traffic from all sources. Compare to paid search to understand what’s really happening.
  2. Examine the page per visit, time on site, and conversions from mobile traffic to determine your actual mobile engagement. If it’s low, it’s definitely time to optimize your website’s mobile experience.
  3. If you have an ok conversion rate from mobile traffic, start thinking about how to optimize with mobile specific pages and offers.
  4. Dig into paid search settings by reviewing past mobile CPCs and adjusting enhanced campaign percentage to similar. Review locations or time of day to identify trends and considering bid adjustments to capture this.
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