We offer a range of services to help ensure your Google Analytics account is correctly installed and configured.

We guide our customers through the minefield of common errors and provide a smooth, reliable custom installation that’s tailored for your business. Even if you’ve had expert assistance in the past, it’s worth a regular check. We often find problems have been introduced over time and they can easily go undetected.

Our Google Analytics account setup and configuration follows a tried and tested process.

Perfect for those who:

  • Already have Google Analytics but require an audit and full implementation
  • Don’t already have Google Analytics and want a full setup from scratch
  • Want peace of mind with their data
  • Want profiles created according to best practice
  • Want the entire installation handled by experts from start to finish

Our packages include:

  • Implementation of Google Analytics profiles
  • Full dashboard creation
  • Analytics code provided to your developers
  • Phone support for the duration of installation
  • Installation by qualified experts
  • Custom and automated reporting setup and distribution

When you take the Google Analytics Account Setup we will provide you with three key deliverables, these are carefully put together to help you through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Audit Document

We review both your website, and if you already have one, your Google Analytics account, to ascertain if there are any technical obstacles that will prevent the correct collection of data. The ‘Audit’ document provides an outline of all the issues that we find.

Developer Document

This is a set of technical instructions that you pass to your web-developers telling them what changes need to be made to your website and onsite code. This stage includes phone support so we can walk them through the required changes. We find this helps to speed up the process and can be an effective way to avoid some problems further down the track.

Google Analytics Account

The final stage takes care of the nuts and bolts of the actual Google Analytics setup. We tackle goal creation, funnel setup, profile creation (we provide three as standard, main, raw and internal traffic but can extend this for other specific areas like PPC, social, SEO, etc. if required), filters to remove internal traffic (and any other traffic sources that may skew your data) and account access. At the end of this stage you receive the final deliverable, a fully functioning ‘Google Analytics Account’ ready for you to start analyzing.


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