Audits provide a health check for your Google Analytics profile configuration and any technical site issues that cause unreliable data.

Even if you’ve had an audit in the past, it’s worth an annual review to ensure the integrity of your data is maintained. We often find problems can be introduced over time and go undetected; pages get uploaded to the site and tracking code is left off, new goals get added but not set up correctly, campaign tagging is implemented incorrectly and hundreds of other problems, besides.

Perfect for those who:

  • Already have a Google Analytics account
  • Don’t have confidence their data is correct
  • Want Google Analytics set up by experts
  • Want peace of mind the data is reliable

Packages include:

  • Kick-off meeting to discuss requirements
  • Scoping & requirements document
  • Website & profile audit

Optional Extras

  • Google Analytics Account Setup

Checks include:

  • Is your account correctly linked to adwords?
  • Are you tracking the correct goals for your business?
  • Correct tracking of ecommerce revenue
  • Is the tracking code correctly added to all pages?
  • Are you using the correct profile settings?
  • Are you using filters correctly?
  • Funnel setup
  • Usage of site search
  • Correct marketing campaign tagging
  • Most other issues preventing accurate data capture



First of all we arrange a meeting with your team to discuss requirements. There’s no charge for this meeting; it’s important and helps us gain a clear understanding of what you are hoping to achieve and whether it’s actually possible using Google Analytics.


After our initial meeting, for simpler websites we just quote you a fixed rate to complete the entire project and confirmation when you can expect the work to be completed by.

For larger more complex projects, usually larger websites, those using cross-domain and sub-domain tracking, complex ecommerce, etc. producing your detailed scoping document is carried out and supplied pre-audit in order to ensure both parties are clear on the requirements, what’s included, etc. This can sometimes be an involved piece of work in itself.

If you are able to provide a detailed scope yourselves, outlining exactly what you require this may not need to be carried out by us.


Our audit document provides a comprehensive summary of the steps that are required to fix the account. Some clients choose to take this document and implement changes themselves, and others request we move onto the full Google Analytics Account setup (the extra cost of which is provided within the audit).

Account Setup (optional)

Once your audit is complete you may like us to complete the full Google Analytics Account setup which includes provision of code to your developers, making the physical changes to the Google Analytics profiles and testing. The audit document contains the full breakdown of costs associated and time required to do so.

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