We have a keen eye when it comes to uncovering ways to increase your profits!

Many companies have Google Analytics, but often people don’t have sufficient time in their day to really look at the data. This means important trends, issues and useful information can often get missed. Using our analytics experts as an extension to your own internal resources can help ease your workload and ensure enough time is spent looking closely for potential barriers to conversion.

Reporting & Analysis

Google Analytics provides an abundance of data about both your website and your customers. Each month (or however often you need), our team will closely examine the data within your Google Analytics account and can provide insight on your business. Where requested we will also supplement Google Analytics data with live user testing & usability testing to ensure your site is running trouble free. We focus on areas of most interest to you, typically this could include the following:

  • Funnel analysis
  • Issues with browsers and operating systems
  • Multi-channel analysis
  • Top performing content
  • Site speed & issues with performance
  • Internal search analysis
  • User tests for business critical tasks

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