November 30, 2012 Ryan Flagstad

Have No Fear Your Search For A Top Ranked SEO Company Is Here

Previous conversations with clients have prompted me to inform my readers about the makeup of a top ranked seo company. Often times prospects or clients are asking me what being the best SEO company really entails. They want to know immediately and once I start explaining I think they actually get tired, disinterested, bored or a combination of all three. The fact is that SEO services are not near as complicated as people suspect, but the overall performance of certain seo tactics can grow quite tiresome. In short, SEO is white collar ditch digging.

One of the more recent analogies for describing how SEO works comes from the music industry. Since MarketizeIt is an Austin based pay per click and SEO firm, I thought it would be appropriate to break out the music analogies. A lot of folks that are not musicians think what they hear on records or the radio are simply a function of some famous producer pushing a button that involves perfect pitch, tone and reverb to deliver hit singles. The truth of the matter is that any great recording involves a simple recipe. A great song (chords, notes, progressions, melody) plus a great performance (emotion, feel) plus great gear (pro tools, microphones, amps, guitars, producer with know how) equals a great sounding song or record. And so goes the same establishing a process within top rated seo companies.

The recipe for success or “the process” marries the immovable object (incoming links also called back links) with the unstoppable force (content). Now, I need to simplify because if you are lost already, I want you to know for sure that it is ok to be lost since I did not get it for the longest time either and this is the business I am in! Everyone is a publisher these days or at least has the immediate capability of being one. Anyone, anywhere can have a quick cheap blog or site built, or sign up for google plus, create a facebook page, youtube channel, or belong to pinterest. There are thousands more options just like those where humans can go and publish their words, images or videos (i.e. publish their unique intellectual property or content) to the web. Think of it in terms like that and you now know what I mean by content. And in the SEO world, 100% original unique and valuable content is king.

Secondly, you must find incoming links. The best seo companies and agencies know this like the back of their hand. This simply involves other sites out in “the wilderness” recommending or pointing to or establishing your website as an authority figure on the internet. When an ehow or a wikipedia involves or references your site in any way and links back to it, you have accomplished something great. Of course ehow or or wiki are major sites that have an unreal amount of visitors and incoming links themselves, so getting incoming links from those specific sites will be difficult, but there are thousands of other sites that have authority and credibility and can reference your site if you in fact provide value in your market place.

When you have unique valuable content and a platform to launch that content from, you can be dangerous when it comes to search engine optimization  practices. If you are able to provide incoming links to your sites from other sites/blogs which are located on different servers than your own web properties. Make sure you find a way to point those incoming links to your home pages as well as pages deep within your site (unique urls on your domain) to be most effective.

This is SEO 101 and if you or your company needs help getting started or forming a plan that will get you ranked high in the SERPS, we encourage you to call MarketizeIt out of Austin. Local SEO companies are all over and most will not guarantee their work or results so beware of them because we will!



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