As colleges and trade schools battle the daily challenge of meeting difficult enrollment goals under tight budgets, they can take heart that there are many techniques and tools available to help meet that challenge head on. Despite some promising tools and techniques to assist schools in meeting their enrollment goals, many of the challenges a school’s marketing department will face can hinder this effort. One of those first challenges is to determine where in their market, a school can find groups of those people who possess similar characteristics to their most successful students. Another challenge will be how they can distinguish themselves from other schools offering the same or similar programs. Additionally, it can be difficult for schools to determine which advertising sources generated not only prospects, but enrolled students. Lastly, many schools will find it challenging to consistently receive high quality prospects from some vendors because those vendors have often worked harder to figure out ways to generate the most leads rather than the best fit between potential student and school.

And that’s where MarketizeIt is different.

We know a lot of marketers who are looking to churn and burn their leads at a high CPL in order to get a high profit for their month to month profit margins. But at MarketizeIt, we’re really your partner. We recognize that your enrollment rate success is directly tied to our success. We want long-term partnerships with you that last for years, not months.

We provide solutions.

At MarketizeIt, we determine who your best student prospects are and then find the pockets in the market where these prospects exist. Relevance is everything in marketing and we work with you to ensure that your brand is relevant to the prospective student at the exact moment in time when they’re most likely to enroll. We help schools ensure their communications, imagery, and overall brand is relevant to their prospects challenges and successes.

How can we help you stand out today?

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