May 18, 2012 Michelle Garber

Integrate Your Online Marketing Strategy


Companies today know they need to be everywhere – social, PPC, online, mobile, blogging – but without strict planning, they fall into the dreaded fragmentation pit.

New marketing channels open up everyday, from apps to facebook posts to twitter updates to YouTube channels and more. The way we slam the populace with message after message is growing exponentially; in face, more than the public can handle. As a result, attention spans are becoming increasingly fragmented. Instead of hoping your message will reach 1 out of 5, fragmentation reduces your message to just another blip on the screen…forgotten.

Even sales channels are fragmenting beyond the online versus bricks and mortar that we’ve gotten used to. Desktop and laptop purchases are starting to lag behind the smartphone – at a time when most companies don’t even have an mobile website. What starts to happen? Even a once healthy marketing budget can be shredded by fragmentation.

The good news is that there is an impressive way to overcome fragmentation: integration. Beware: it’s more difficult than it appears.

Integration is not simply putting a common tagline onto all your ads and copy, using a similar color palette, or using the same message across all mediums (a great website doesn’t necessarily translate into a great landing page or trade show display).

Integration means communicating a consistent identity from message to message, medium to medium. Then delivering consistently on that identity. It requires a unifying strategy, a compelling voice, a powerful brand identification, and strong discipline to put it into every aspect of your company – from advertising to sales to customer relationships.

To fight fragmentation, everything you do to attract, convert, retain, engage, and remarket to your customers has to be integrated. Your brand has to go beyond your marketing plan into your call center, sales team, customer service – even your corporate structure.

Deliver consistent signals in everything you do.

So why aren’t more companies focusing on integration? It’s not for lack of understanding or intent. It’s a lack of strategy, perseverance, and patience.

Integration takes time.

It also takes time to work in the marketplace. Consumers just don’t pay attention the way they used to. You need to make it count.

Maybe now is the time to work with a company that can help you integrate your fragmented marketing structure. MarketizeIt can help.

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Michelle Garber Michelle Garber (Flagstad) started out her career online doing .NET web development for the State of Missouri. After working on a variety of payment solutions and grants application development, she decided to move into the private sector. After a couple years of business analysis at DST, Inc. she started working freelance helping those in the financial services verticals with their landing pages and conversion rates. Since joining MarketizeIt as a partner, Michelle has worked on a variety of projects to help increase web quality, PPC conversion rates, web A/B testing, internal lead portal systems, SEO structuring, and a million other things to help the clients of MarketizeIt.

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