October 23, 2012 Ryan Flagstad

Local PPC Management Tip Of The Week: Don’t Doubt The PPC

If you are searching for the right local ppc management company but can’t find it in your heart to trust, then I don’t blame you. In truth, the art of paper click marketing can be an absolute nightmare, and I know from first hand experience that this journey, nope I mean this discovery, no still not it, this PROCESS has resulted in the actual lines on my forehead that I now study.

The reason for this stress is because before anyone tries their hand at becoming the next pay per click managerial game changer, no one is there to tell them how monstrous the task at hand is. It’s not like the guy at the local watering hole who knows a little about it but pretends to be the expert. That person might say something along the lines of, “so you have these keywords and this website and they should match up correctly if thats what will bring you traffic or leads or even revenue. What’s the big deal? Doesn’t seem hard to me.” (I did have someone describe the art of pay per click consulting that way to me in a bar about a year ago.)

That experience stuck deep in the back of my mind and momentarily challenged my beliefs on how important ppc is for almost all businesses. Remember, there is someone somewhere searching for something in the shape of information, casual browsing, to make a purchase, or all of the above. Consequently, there is a good chance they are searching through google, bing, or yahoo to get what they so desperately seek.

PPC professionalism lies in the ability to remain linear. Imagine a keyword search in google that is met with an ad precisely about the heart, soul and purpose of that keyword, which then leads the shopper to a landing page divinely inspired by the origin of both the keyword and ad. If the pay per click professional is able to master the ability to remain linear, then they will have understood the nuts and bolts of ppc search engine marketing.

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