MarketizeIt Low Budget & Starter Program Fees

Our Low Budget / Starter Program is designed for businesses looking to spend up to $1,500/mo due to a small market, low competition, or a test of entry to see if PPC is a good fit to gain a return on investment.

To work with us, you must talk with one of our qualified specialists about your specific business and goals. Once all of your questions are answered, and you choose to work with us, you are responsible for our setup and first month of management fees. Please call 888-659-3206 to get started.

Complete PPC Transparency

All of our work is completely within your PPC accounts. We just take care of everything while you’re working with us. The work we do and the accounts themselves always stay with you and your business, with or without MarketizeIt. We understand that PPC accounts and their history at Google AdWords and others are a business asset for each of our clients, and at MarketizeIt we keep it that way. Your campaigns are always fully accessible, transferable and funded directly. We do not hold accounts in our name, or flow any of your PPC budget through MarketizeIt.

MarketizeIt One Time Setup Fee – $1,495*

For our starter package, we customize Google AdWords Search campaigns only. Google content targeting and Bing Ads accounts are included with our full program.

We are proud of our work and ability, and fully believe achieving the best results starts with a great foundation, and that foundation is your setup. To start the process, we conduct an in-depth interview with each new client to develop a personal and meaningful relationship from which to build. We start by learning about your business, goals, past experience, customers, competition, competitive advantages, and really anything at all related that can help us maximize your advertising investment. We then start the process of getting your accounts ready to launch online. This includes: a full keyword analysis including negative keywords, keyword organization, copy writing for multiple ads in each group, proper platform settings to maximize results demographically, budget monitoring, and much more. PPC platforms offer many options that businesses need to be aware of to get maximum results, and we make sure everything is in place properly from the start.

* The $1,495 setup fee is for Google only, and will go towards any upgrade in service to our full package.

MarketizeIt Monthly Management Fee – $300

Due to the competitive, real time nature of these accounts, it is necessary to monitor, strategize and make changes on an ongoing basis to achieve the best possible results. For this service, we charge a flat ongoing monthly management fee based on your total monthly traffic budget. This fee is for a budget of up to $1,500/mo. If your budget exceeds $1,500/mo, please refer to our full service package.

Google AdWords & Bing Ads Charges

By working with us you agree to the current terms of service of Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Any traffic received through these accounts will be paid by direct credit card billing for your accounts. Your monthly traffic budget will not flow through MarketizeIt.

Our flat fees are designed to achieve a true partnership with your business. If you succeed, we succeed. Our goal is to maximize the results of your advertising investment regardless of budget. We look forward to maximizing your return on investment, boosting your bottom line, and at the same time allowing you to concentrate on what you do best while we maximize the results of your search engine marketing campaigns.

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