April 10, 2013 Michelle Garber

MarketizeIt – The Thinking Man’s (& Woman’s) Company

thinkingWe’ve been having some pretty heavy conversations here at MarketizeIt the past few weeks. Our growth rate is starting to soar and we’re experiencing the pains of any growing business. Determining our growth strategy in conjunction with our partners; working on our ever expanding workforce with high caliber employees – we assume this is the norm for any business whose tagline dares to proclaim “We Do It Better”.

No, apart from all that, we’re contemplating the thinking part of our business. It’s one thing for start ups to shoot for exercise machines and ping-pong in the middle of the desks – everyone needs a break – we get that. No one can expect to be on their game 100% of the time without pause. But it’s the pause that has our attention.

It seems that within the lines of work vs. play we’re constantly bombarded with, we’ve been told these are the lines of balance. But we’re discovering in our growth that this is, in fact, not true. There is one key element missing and it’s so pervasive we’re wondering why no one comments on it.

The true balance that occurs between work and play is thought. Thought is the common denominator that seems to be sadly and thoughtlessly thrown by the wayside in the majority of our daily work life. Thought is not a synonym for decisiveness or action – it is instead that period of time in which you remove yourself from your day and truly think about what you are doing. About a memory. About the future. About research. About the grand scheme of life.

We’re a digital marketing agency. There are days when the whole team is operating like a flight of drones attempting meaningful copy to help our clients. Or staring at PPC campaigns for 8 hours straight. Or flying to meet clients and partners. And we may have that moment when we stop and think, “What am I doing?” “What is the big picture here?”

It’s ok to have moments of doubt, of contemplation, of resetting and rebooting your own internal hard drive. To allow yourself the time to consider the impact you’re having on potential consumers’ actions. To make sure you’re doing it right.

You cannot have foresight without thought. You cannot build a successful, long serving business without thought. Are your thoughts meriting and reflecting your actions? As a young company, we want to promote ourselves as a thinking man’s company. We genuinely want the best from ourselves – and from you – in our day to day business. Think with us – because in the end that will all make us do better.


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Michelle Garber
Michelle Garber Michelle Garber (Flagstad) started out her career online doing .NET web development for the State of Missouri. After working on a variety of payment solutions and grants application development, she decided to move into the private sector. After a couple years of business analysis at DST, Inc. she started working freelance helping those in the financial services verticals with their landing pages and conversion rates. Since joining MarketizeIt as a partner, Michelle has worked on a variety of projects to help increase web quality, PPC conversion rates, web A/B testing, internal lead portal systems, SEO structuring, and a million other things to help the clients of MarketizeIt.

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