November 21, 2012 Ryan Flagstad

Pay Per Click Management Services Startup Guide Post #1

I can remember the days of of desperately seeking guidance from almost any pay per click management services company that would listen to my struggles. I had been selling lead generation and the idea of pay per click ppc marketing as well as SEO for a few years and realized it was time to step out and try it on my own. I clearly remember not sleeping and feeling worried all the time. I asked myself repeatedly “Ryan, you IDIOT! Why would you leave a good paying sales job, only to have to struggle.”

I must warn you first off that I can’t take these real things that happen in life and not attempt to make them into slightly larger things! I am simply incapable of going the other way on certain perspectives and reflections especially when I see a window that I can use to help encourage others. The answer to the question I am asking has a simple answer with several layers. You CAN’T stay comfortable and get the absolute most out of yourself. You can tell yourself you will or that you did, but really, based on sheer human nature, we have to be backed into a corner with absolutely no other place to go, and only then does human will become optimal. Ok, so back to pay per click advertising.

That fear, worry and concern for my financial well being is what allowed me to question, read, and call on every marketing source I could get my hands on. I started with PPC For Dummies and read it on a flight. I have to admit, I almost gave up right then and there because of how meaty and over the top the book was. I thought, after a few years of honing my ppc skills that I could actually do a better job in a small series of blog posts.

For those thinking about using a top pay per click company, make sure you trust them and that they seem reasonable. If you are working with a company with a decent marketing budget, it may be well worth your time to save the headaches of figuring it out and just pay a reasonable ppc management fee. For those of you who can’t afford them and want to try it on your own, I want to help you especially get along in your quest. Here are a few basic guidelines that can get you started:

1. Start with an “all features” Search network campaign only. You will see this option when you go to create your first campaign.

2. Exclude mobile phones from the devices section of settings so that your search ads will only appear on desktop and tabs.

3. Choose the geography of where you want your ads to show and then choose manual cpc bidding.

4. Set your original budget low under pre-payment options so that you don’t lose your butt!

In the beginning, don’t do what everyone else does which is to freak out over all the features and options google throws at its first time virgin advertisers. The goal here is specificity and relevancy. In code, this means that our 1 true goal is to choose 1 exact match keyword, make a specific/relevant ad associated with that 1 keyword and have the ad linked/destined to a specific/relevant landing page associated with that 1 keyword and ad. In a perfect world you would grow your campaign by adding hundreds or thousands of exact match keywords that have their own individual ads and landing pages or website pages deep within your domain.

There will be plenty more elaborations on this series that I am conducting, so stay tuned for my pay per click management services startup guide post #2.



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