November 19, 2012 Michelle Garber

Pay Per Click Management Services Vs. SEO Companies

There is a common debtate within the internet marketing world asking which form of marketing is more effective between pay per click management services and seo companies. Although both sides have obvious advantages as well as disadvantages, I wanted to focus today on the benefits of going with a pay per click management company.

Sheer ControlPay per click ppc management allows the marketer the ability to control exactly what words are to be used per campaign. If you want to use the word tennis racket for example, google adwords pay per click management allows the notation option for match types. If you want to launch a wide and deep marketing net, you can select broad match and pretty much any keyword search relating to tennis rackets will trigger your ads to show. Move one step down to a slightly more specific reach and you can select modified broad match type keywords. In this case, the words tennis and racket must show on a particluar search to trigger your ads to show. So a google search for “find the best tenis racquet manufacturer” even if there are mispellings, will most certainly trigger your ads. Furthermore, if you want to get even more specific, you can tell google you only want your ads to show in the order they are typed in google (phrase match = “tennis racket”) or even exact match types meaning [tennis racket] will only trigger ads on those search terms EXACTLY as you would like them.

A pay per click marketing service also allows for control on all bids. Since the google adwords platform is built based on an online auction, you must bid a certain price to appear on the first page. Other influential factors like Click Through Rate (CTR) and landing page relevance are to be taken very seriously, but your initial bids set the tone and allow you tremendous control over your keywords and ads showing in google.

Immediate Traffic – A pay per click management company allows for immediate traffic to a particluar landing page, website, or social media page. In a matter of minutes especially if you know what you are doing, your campaigns with their targetted ads and keywords can show in google. If you know what keywords can bring conversions (leads) and how to write emotional ads triggering relevant offers, you can do some damage quickly! And most internet marketers will tell you that it is pure bliss not having to wait on the google SEO gods to grant permission for traffic to your website of choice.

In short, ppc management services provide unique advantages that straight organic, natural search engine optimization can not provide such as control and immediate results. SEO can still be effective if you do not cut corners and keep strategies described as white hat. Eventually, the reason why everyone wants to get to the top of natural search is because those clicks are FREE. But don’t be mislead by the fact that nothing is ever really free. If you want to post content and get backlinks while avoiding any Panda and Penguin updates, you must spend time doing it the right way, and as the saying goes “time is money”, consider spending money on a top pay per click managment service.

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