November 27, 2012 Ryan Flagstad

Pay Per Click Services: You Won’t Know Until You Try

The word has gotten out by now that pay per click services can be among the most effective forms of marketing. And when it comes to marketing, nothing is ever a sure thing. Now I know that most marketers will argue that point as if they can control every situation and wave the magic wand to get a return on investment for their clients. The simple truth is that sometimes when we use certain channels, it may not work. When I sit down with clients and they ask me “will this work?” I think they are astonished when I say the dreaded words, “I don’t know.” Of course, that only happens every so often, but the fact that I feel as though I have to say it to project brutal honesty can be alarming to some folks. Thank goodness for trying, testing and tracking which I assure all clients is a thing of beauty.

When ppc marketers are obsessed with marketing, messages, placements, timing. colors, catchiness, rankings we can very quickly forget about the person browsing, shopping or flat out looking to make a purchase. We often forget that the target we think will show up for say cosmetic surgery has absolutely no relation to the person looking for information technology services. Whether it is B2B or B2C, each rotating variable matters immensely. And because so much is going on, leave it to the humans to get lost the minutia and lose focus and clarity. The marketer may have done everything correctly right up until the targeted person got exactly where he or she was supposed to be only to get distracted, turned off, or poorly presented to at the last moment.

The beauty of pay per click services if they are performed by experienced ppc companies, is that you can know very quickly if something is working or not. When shoppers and browsers do a google search for goods or services, you can be right there waiting for them at the end of that search; and it only costs the marketer when that person clicks on the ad which brings them to a relevant site or landing page. Now, there is no doubt that if you are working off of a shoestring budget that you must use caution as those click costs can get out of control in a hurry, but there are definitely ways to guard against losing your rear end. Make sure you find a top pay per click consulting firm to save you from those costly mistakes.

In marketing of any kind, the marketer is almost sworn to secrecy about the chances of a campaign not working. The person selling these marketing services livelihood is at stake, so to even project doubt would be considered unprofessional. Make no mistake that when it comes to top local pay per click services, sometimes it will not work for a variety of reasons. Don’t let them sell you blindly, instead do your homework and make sure your competitors are spending money on those ppc ads to confirm your marketing journey moving forward.

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