June 13, 2013 Michelle Garber

Top 10 Sites That Aren’t Optimized For Mobile

So, we’re not really sure what’s going on with the big boys not having mobile-ready websites. Is it because they’re relying on their app (if they have one) or is it that they’re dropping the ball? I’m pretty sure every marketer has read the stats on mobile, or at the very least, is aware of them. Further, you know these companies who boast millions of daily visitors must have some pretty savvy marketing teams. So then, what’s the deal with these guys? Let’s review the Top 10 most trafficked sites that aren’t mobile:

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#1 Sourceforge.netRanked 202 in the world and looks like this on a phone:


Maybe they don’t want to invest more because of this?


#2 SurveyMonkey.comRanked 220:

survey monkey

At least I can easily find out ‘How It Works’…sort of:

survey monkey2

#3 SiteAdvisor.comRanked 223:


#4 CafeMom.comRanked 273



#5 InfusionSoft.comRanked 280:


#6 Breitbart.comRanked 287:


#7 Mediafire.comRanked 288:


#8 Fool.comRanked 292:


#9 Newsmax.comRanked 293:


#10 Marketwatch.comRanked 303:



History tells us that scores of companies eventually lost because of not adapting to the changing times in technology. 72% of all newly acquired devices are now smartphones. There are now more than 1 billion smartphones in use worldwide, with forecasts of an additional 1 billion more within 3 years. One in three minutes spent online is done on mobile devices – and they’re not texting in that minute. Google stats say that if you don’t have a mobile site or it’s not optimized for smartphones, 61% of your visitors will return to Google to find a site that is easily readable on a mobile device.

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