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I speak with a lot of business owners who get tied up in the semantics of internet marketing companies versus an internet marketing firm. Truth be told, I am an owner of an internet marketing firm and I still get confused sometimes. I mean for every 3 days out of the week I feel good about our company’s direction, the other 4 days I am dislodging quotes from Dumb and Dumber and screaming out loud,

“I mean, what the hell are we doing here, Harry.” I know this may not be the best vote of confidence for any potential customers, but I thought it might be good to shed light on an industry worth defining – for your ears and mine. So what are we doing here?

In short, internet marketing is NOT about belief systems, debates, opinion polls, technology, sales, skill, knowledge or anything of this sort. Like any other successful business, the purpose of all fruitful internet marketing firms lies in the down and dirty bottom line, and for all of us “techies” this simply means conversions.

Conversions happen across several plains but it’s simply when a potential customer fills out a form online, or gives an email so we can put them in your sales funnel, or clicks a button that calls into your call center, or even walks into your brick and mortar place of business. Conversions for an internet marketing company can occur in a lot of different forms, but where the disconnect occurs between YOU and any internet marketing firm you work with, is in the definititon of what conversions mean to YOU.

An internet marketing company knows they can get conversions by using search engine optimization tactics that get you on the first page of google, but if the site does not look good or the phone number goes to a terrible sales or customer service person, then the marketing conversion means nothing if it doesn’t mean conversion (sales/revenue) for you, the customer. There are 3 ways that can almost instantly get conversions as in sales or revenue:

1. Pay per click marketing – You pay for the click or visitor to your website, you capture and convert those leads to sales.

2. SEO – You pay for the time, effort, writing, videos and updated content to your site or blog while incoming links campaigns are meant to raise your organic listings in the SERP’s.

3. Website design company/website enhancements – Vidal Sasoon (if you don’t look good, we don’t look good) If internet marketing companies don’t get conversions then you don’t get conversions.

This is a great start to jump starting your online business or online presence.

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Michelle Garber
Michelle Garber Michelle Garber (Flagstad) started out her career online doing .NET web development for the State of Missouri. After working on a variety of payment solutions and grants application development, she decided to move into the private sector. After a couple years of business analysis at DST, Inc. she started working freelance helping those in the financial services verticals with their landing pages and conversion rates. Since joining MarketizeIt as a partner, Michelle has worked on a variety of projects to help increase web quality, PPC conversion rates, web A/B testing, internal lead portal systems, SEO structuring, and a million other things to help the clients of MarketizeIt.

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